Vintage Hosiery Advertisements
There can be no doubt that the advertisements for men's and women's half hose and full hosiery stressed
the glamorous aspects of fashion.  Here are a few:
Even the ads for hosiery machines were
very classy.
Holeproof Silk and Cotton Hosiery ad from
Holeproof Hosiery ad from 1915

Six pairs of hose to last six months!
Let's hope he doesn't play tennis in
those shoes!
Hosiery Center
With many thanks to Peter Metzke for the
Holeproof Hosiery 1922
Skirts are shorter as the 1920s
start to roar.
Forerunner of Kayser
Melliand mail out ad
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Comments and suggestions:
Real boarded silk stockings in different leg
sizes were featured in this 1935 Life
Magazine ad for shop at home service
Courtesy TJS-Labs
This Mojud ad offers a choice of
silk or nylon in 1941.  Nylon would
soon disappear and go into the
war effort.
Life Magazine 1941
Courtesy TJS-Labs
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