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A list of the plants alphabetically A-L

Altavista Finishing 1948 - also known as "Hurt Finishing Plant" from 1980s onward
built on same floor plan as
Wake Finishing Altavista expanded both right and left
                                                Hurt, VA closed 2007
Automotive Fabrics Division              closed June 1968
Preparation and Weaving              Wilson, NC
Finishing Plant                                 Rocky Mount, NC

Altavista Cotton then Weaving glass fabrics
then BGF 1956                                       Altavista, VA sold to French Co. 1980s
Asheboro Plant, men's children's socks   Asheboro, NC sold to Galey & Lord closed 2001
Asheville Plant, cotton and blended broadwoven fabrics; blankets     Asheville, NC -closed 1985
Bird's eye

Balfour Sock Plant                                   Asheboro, NC
Barnwell Plant -carpet yarn                    Barnwell, SC
-purchased by Sara Lee 1991, converted to sock knitting -closing 2009
Batesburg Plant                                       Batesburg, SC
Bellemont Plant  or Belmont
Weaving Plant                                       Belmont, NC closed
Bishopville Plant                                       Bishopville, SC
BIChem (Sedgefield Specialties
after LBO in 1987)                                   Jamestown, NC - sold to Sequa Chemical
Bird's Eye View
BI Research                                              Greensboro and Jamestown, NC closed -last site sold to Ciba Chemicals
Brighton Yarn and Weaving 1923         Shannon, GA closed 2004
Reunion planned
Brookneal towels and printing finishing                                                 Brookneal, VA
Burlcraft Knit outerwear                                           Burlington, NC closed 1977
Burlington Cotton Co.                             Greenville, SC - 21sections x 5,000 sq ft of warehouse space.  
      Go FW Poe and click on "destroyed by fire" Warehouses
       at bottom left in Microsoft Bird's eye view.
Burlington Hosiery-
Daisy                       Burlington, NC became May, McEwen, and Kaiser
Burlington Hosiery
fully integrated Knitting
and Finishing Plant                         Harriman, TN     Hosiery Division sold to Kayser-Roth 1982
Burlington  Sock Dyeing, Finishing       Asheboro, NC   Sock Division sold to Kayser-Roth 1982
and Boarding Plant
Burlington Sock  Knitting
and Finishing Plant                             Harriman, TN
Burlington Sock
Knitting Plant, Tucker Street              Burlington, NC
Burlington Sock  Knitting
and Finishing Plant                             Rockwood, TN
Burnsville Plant                                        Burnsville, NC
Butler Plant -yarn                                      St Pauls, NC

Calhoun Falls Plant -sheeting                 Calhoun Falls, SC
Cameo Hosiery Plant                                Greensboro, NC
Caroleen Plant                                           Caroleen, NC sold to Galey & Lord closed 2001
Carolinian Plant Cotton Mills Division   High Shoals, NC  
The remains can see seen just off the road (US 321) to the right
Carolinian Plant
Cascade Mill- former Dixie Cotton Mill 1971 Mooresville, NC BI/Klopman  aerial view
                                                          closed 1980 when Richmond Plant opened
Cedwick -was Bosson Sock                   Asheboro, NC
Central Falls Plant                                    Central Falls, NC
Cheraw Hess Goldsmith Fiberglass Weaving 1980                            Cheraw, SC BI/BGF
Cheraw Surface Finishing/Storage      Cheraw, SC
Cherokee Falls Plant                                Cherokee Falls, SC
integrated cotton mill -sateens               
Cherokee Falls aerial view
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Clarksville Worsted & Blended Finishing                 Clarksville, VA once owned by Robbins Mills, closed 2002
Clinchfield 1 & 2                                        Marion, NC
integrated cotton mills
Aerial viewMill 1 is at top and mill 2 is just below.
Cooleemee(Erwin Mills),
bought in 1962                             Cooleemee, NC
Covington Yarn/Weaving                         Covington, VA BI/Klopman closed 1950s
Cramerton Fabrics                                   Cramerton, NC closed 1999 sold to Joan Fabrics Aerial View

Decorative Fabrics                                     Burlington, NC
Denton Yarn Plant 1962  orig. Klopman
then Knit Div.                               Denton, NC closed 1995
Drake's Branch Plant                                 Drake's Branch, VA
Dublin Finishing Plant
name change to Newbern                        Newbern, VA

Elm Street Weaving Plant                          Greensboro, NC
Elm Street Weaving in middle and Andrews Street Annex on right side
Aerial View
Erwin Mills bought in 1962                        Durham, NC sold to JP Stevens 1986 and closed
Erwin Denim bought in 1962                     Erwin, NC sold to Dominion Textile 1987

FW Poe Mill 1896                                        Greenville, SC closed 1977 destroyed by fire 2003
                               Microsoft Bird's eye view of destroyed Poe Mill and 21 cotton warehouses
Fayetteville Plant                                         Fayetteville, NC
Flint Plant - yarn mfg.                                  Gastonia, NC
Franklin Hosiery Plant                                Franklin, NC - sold to Blue Bell late 1960s.
Fun Factory in the Smokies - game and entertainment center for kids and families  Aerial view
Franklinton Plant                                         Franklinton, NC - closed

Glasgow Plant (from Lees 1960)         Glasgow, VA
Graham Plant                                              Graham, NC
Greensboro Finishing Plant                     Greensboro, NC

Halifax plant                                                Halifax, VA closed 2001
Hall Sewing Plant -subsidiary of
Post, TX plant                                              Memphis, Hall County, TX  bed sheets and pillow cases        
Harriman Plant                                               sold to Kayser-Roth ladie's hosiery
Henrietta Plant                                             Henrietta, NC
integrated cotton mill                               
House Fabrics Finishing                          Burlington, NC
High Point Weaving (Staley Silk 1950s)  High Point, NC
then Rainbow Weaving      BI/Klop1950s / BGF                           
Hillsville denim weaving                           Hillsville, VA sold to Wayn-Tex 1999
Hot Spring Yarn Plant  BMYC                  Hot Spring, VA

Ivey Weavers Plant                                      Hickory, NC

JC Cowan worsted yarn                             Forest City, NC closed 1999     Google Bird's Eye view
Johnson City                                                Johnson City, TN closed 2000

Kernersville Weaving then Socks 1970s Kernersville, NC sold to Hooker Furniture
BI/Klopman Distribution Center 1980       Hurt, VA - closed 2007
Automated storage -retrieval system

Lakedale Yarn                                                Fayetteville, NC
Lakewood Plant #159                                   Cramerton, NC Bird's Eye view
Lees Carpet Headquarters- 1960              Valley Forge, PA - moved to Greensboro 1989
Lees Carpet -1960                                        Dahlonega, GA sold to Mohawk Industries, 2003
Lees Carpet - Masland 1986                      Carlisle PA sold back to Masland family 1993
Liberty Plant                                                    Liberty, NC
 Bird's eye view
Lord - see W G Lord                                      Cramerton, NC
BHFA rugs                                                      Low Moor, VA sold to Ronile 2001
Pacific Mills bought 1954                            
 Lyman, SC,  sold to Lowenstein, leveled 2012

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